Blue Pottery: Preserving an Ancient Art Form

You would have heard about numerous online pottery games or might have played them as well, especially during the lockdown when we got enough time to explore games ourselves and spend time with our families. But ever heard about blue pottery? Come, let’s know about it through this article. 

What is Blue Pottery? 

Blue pottery is handmade pottery, blue in colour, that can be either used as a wall hanging or kept as a piece of art at home, office, etc. One of the most significant aspects of blue pottery is that it is crack-free, hygienic and can be used for daily purposes smoothly. It is made of Egyptian paste comprising powdered glass, Multani mitti (fuller’s earth), borax, water and quartz stone powder, avoiding using clay in its ingredients. But when did it come into existence? 

Blue Pottery – Ancient Art 

Mughal artisans introduced Blue Pottery in ancient times and later came to India in the 14th century. However, blue pottery was established as a brand in Jaipur in 2014. As it became a desirable object due to its utility and exclusivity, the Kings of Jaipur embraced it. The affection of Jaipur Royals brought blue pottery art into our pink city. Thus, blue pottery is also known as ‘Jaipur Blue Pottery ‘. As a result, blue pottery became a famous profession in Jaipur.

Blue Pottery Designs 

Jaipur’s blue pottery has captured the attention of the entire world because of its lavish look, intricate blend of colours and the fact that it is deeply rooted in Indian history, culture and art. Contemporary geometric patterns with human figures are becoming popular designs of blue pottery. 

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Characteristics of Blue Pottery 

  • Eco-Friendly – Since blue pottery is made up of Multani mitti, quartz stone, etc., and does not use lead, clay or any chemicals in its ingredients, it neither harms the environment nor the people. Hence, it’s eco-friendly in nature and can be bought without a second thought.  
  • Top-Notch Quality – Blue pottery is a handmade article made by Rajasthani artisans. The body of blue pottery is five times stronger than other articles. Thus, it is of superior quality and can enhance your home and workspace with exclusivity. 
  • Durable in Nature – Since blue pottery is made of solid and long-lasting materials, it is durable in nature and can be treated as a long-term investment. 
  • Export-Friendly – Since blue pottery lives in Jaipur, it is based on export. It has gained the popularity and attention of huge exporters in the market. A large segment of the blue pottery market depends on exporters and clients for customised designs. 

Why is it Essential to Preserve Blue Pottery? 

Blue Pottery is a special and unique ancient art. Blue Pottery was used to decorate mosques and palaces of kings in ancient times. Surprisingly, blue pottery is still prevalent in Jaipur and is gaining momentum throughout India. But, since it has a limited edition and is only made in Jaipur, we must protect and preserve a gem of ancient art – blue pottery. 

Where to Find Blue Pottery? 

As Jaipur is the central hub of blue pottery, the famous shops in Jaipur are Rajasthani and other shops on MI road and Amber road. But in today’s world of digitalisation, you can get any article of blue pottery of your choice at your fingertips. Ekarigar is one of the authentic platforms that connects Desi-Karigars from all over India and their handicrafts with technology and the world. We deliver handicrafts to our customers in an efficient and timely manner.

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