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A Complete Guide To The Wooden Arts for Your Home Decor

As rightly said, ‘Every Home Has a Different Story to Tell’. Every family has a different story, and so does every home. Every home speaks in the form of its decor. So, home decor is essential. The art you choose to display and include as a part of your home decor plays a vital role in creating an environment, value system, and culture of your home. Hence, you must choose it carefully. 

There are various forms of art to choose from. Wooden art is one of the best art forms. It has the potential and the magic to enhance the home of millions of people. Various types of wooden art are specifically made for different sections of the home, i.e. kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. 

Wooden Handicrafts: A Brief 

India is known as a country of art and culture. Handicrafts are considered the oldest tradition in India as they depict Indian art, culture and values. Wooden handicrafts, i.e. wooden arts, are made by either decorating or carving wood. In ancient times, varieties of Indian trees were used to make wooden handicrafts. Wooden art is popular in India because of its utility, authenticity, beauty and aesthetics. Wooden arts for the home wall are gaining momentum in today’s world. 

Further, let’s dive deeper into the wooden arts for different sections of your home. 

 Wooden Art for Different Sections of Home 

  • Living Room – It is the most spacious area of a house. It is a place, especially for family get-togethers, celebrations, recreation and entertainment. Since a family spend most of their time in the living area, it is the best place that gives rise to new flanged bonds, beginnings and thoughts. Thus, it requires home decor art and accessories that bring positivity and exudes humour and creativity in the air. So, it requires wooden arts that are neither too cool nor too hot, just warm. 
  • Dining Area – It is the essential place of the house. As rightly said, ‘People who eat together, stay together.’ This place symbolises unity, strength, values, and the culture of the family. Thus, a handcrafted wooden casual table with a mixture of different wood to make a dining table with muted colours can make it look aesthetically pleasing and help create a contemporary dining area. Also, the blue pottery of Jaipur is gaining in popularity due to its quartz, semi-precious stone, which enhances the look of the artwork and the place where it has been kept. 
  • Bedroom – The decor of the bedroom should always be about comfort. Such a pen stand or a flower vase should be simple yet attractive. A simple and subtle wall hanging above your bed can bring peace and prosperity to your life, especially when the story behind the wall hanging aligns with your values, culture, personality and nature. 
  • Kitchen – Wooden crockery was and will always be in demand, especially in Indian houses. Some people are fond of making their kitchens full of wooden appliances. For such people, replacing the backsplash with lighter wooden beams can be a good choice. 

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