Crafts of India: A Journey Through Indian Handicrafts

India’s culture is vast and diverse, and it reflects its reflection in Handicrafts made by skilled craftsmen of the country. India is a country known for its historical significance, and many handicrafts found deep inside the land are even older than 5000 years which blows our minds. These Handicrafts have evolved from time to time and have satisfied users’ needs, trends and beliefs. Earlier, these handicrafts were exported and imported via silk route to continents like Africa, Europe and the west side of Asia. Even today, many foreign tourists still find these handicrafts attractive and have a keen interest in buying them. These Indian Handmade Crafts have been loved for ages and are one of the best forms of art made in Human history. Many skilled Karigars give their whole life and make this art with Dedication and Creativity. People use these Handicrafts to decorate their homes and gifts for their loved ones.

Here are some forms of Ethenic Indian Art and Crafts:

  1. Pottery: This type of art is practiced in large numbers all over India; every city and town has its unique way of making pots and handicrafts. This art is famous for its detailed craftsmanship and intricate designs by skilled karigars. It started with clay and was used to carry water from wells, but now it includes ceramics and porcelain styles.

2. Paintings of India: Indian Paintings have been visible in this holy land since the stone age period. From then onwards, adapting some western gist and ideas, these paintings have become the significant art of the country. It started with Religious Paintings, but as the period passed, it became home decor and wall decor. Indian Paintings have innumerable varieties in the market.

3. Warli Art: These started during 3000 BC at the borders of Gujarat and Maharashtra. You can find these art or red ochre walls in Villages of these states. The use of geometry in white color is to portray weddings, day-to-day activities of people and even flowers. This art has gained attention and fame nowadays, and we can find it on vases and many other home accessories of home decor. It is known worldwide for its unique and minimalistic designs. It’s very easy to spot all geometric shapes like circles, squares and triangles in warli art. The process represents the sun and moon, and triangles are mountains.

4. Pattachitra: It is known as one of India’s oldest art forms, originating in Odisha, where Hindu mythology has been portrayed with folklore. This beautiful art is one of the country’s most delicate art made by talented karigars, which made its way to the homes as decor. The “Pattachitra” name is derived from Patta as cloth and Chitra as Painting. This type of art is eco-friendly and widely revolves around Hindu Mythology. It is generally available in red, yellow, blue, and green, which makes it elegant.

5. Metal Art of India: This art began 5000 years ago. During those times, the sculptors used Metals like silver, Iron-copper and Bronze in alloys to make historical figures, animals, pots etc. It can be seen in various parts of the country.

6. Bastar Iron Craft: In the Bastar districts of Chattisgarh, the traditional Bastar Iron Craft originates, which gets its popularity from all over the world. Ironsmiths of Chhattisgarh State naturally started this, and today, in the modern era, the same ironsmiths are approaching to fulfill the needs of people.Ekarigar India is a great platform that helps you connect with desi-karigars. It makes your home look more beautiful with its Handicrafts and promises to make your festival look more brightful with beautiful handmade Deepak and candle holders.

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