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What’s unique about Handicrafts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is filled with artists and creative souls, attracting many travelers worldwide to its magnificent forts and historical palaces. These masterpieces also have many buyers in the Handcrafts Markets of Rajasthan. 

Every town in this creative land has its unique variety of Handicrafts they make, and this is what makes that respective town’s identity. The Rajasthani Handbags here have the taste of exclusivity with great prints on them. Rajasthan has become one of the biggest exporters to ship these traditional items worldwide because they are famous here. Cities like Jaipur and Udaipur or Jodhpur are the best and most known cities in this category.

Handbags and Purses are not necessary here for women, but how a woman expresses herself. This is a feeling that connects her with the world.

These Handicrafts are not commonly found or made, but the skilled Karigars of Rajasthan make these unique Handcrafted Designs and art, which define the state’s culture.

Here are some unique Handicrafts of Rajasthan

1. Blue Pottery: This is a well-known type of Handicraft in Jaipur. This type of art was made when Chinese glazing technology shook hands with Persian decorative arts, which were brought to India by the Mughals. The name originated from its blue dye color. Here, the design pattern includes florals, animals and birds.

Excluding vases, the skilled artists have also made cups, soccers, diyas, ashtrays and much more.

blue pottery

2. Sling Bags: It is something used by a woman for daily use over a shoulder. The pervasive small or medium-sized bag made with leather, fabric, and canvas is famous for all of them. It is very easy for any occasion and can be used in different ways like traveling, shopping, and for school and college girls. It is more widely used during summer as it doesn’t cause sweat. These sling bags are an alternative for handbags carrying little things. 

 Sling Bags

3. Woodcrafts: Rajasthan is widely known for its hand-carved wooden furniture and household items. Cities like Jodhpur, Barmer and Kishangarh are known for their wooden arts.

 Woodcraft Rajasthan

The elegant paintings on miniature wooden handicrafts have made their name themselves. Tilonia Furniture is one of most loved by consumers for its unique designs woven out of jute. The best artists and skilled craftsmen of Kishangarh create mind blowing wooden paintings.

4. Puppetry: Generally, in Rajasthan, it is known as Katputli. It is the whole-sole culture of Rajasthan. A generation of the Rajasthanis passes down this culture of making puppets. This Indian Handicraft is the oldest puppet-making art in the whole world.

 Indian Handicraft Rajasthan puppet

String puppets are the commonly made puppets in Rajasthan, made with Mango wood, and the body parts are fashioned from stuffed rags and cloths. The catchy look has developed when the puppets are worn with traditional clothes and painted with wooden carvings. Udaipur is one of the famous and oldest states in making puppets, and Katputli Nagar is from Jaipur.

This concludes that the Uniqueness we see in the Handicrafts of Rajasthan is derived from the skilled Artists and Craftsmen of Rajasthan. Ekarigar India provides uniquely designed handicrafts made by skilled karigars. We promise to deliver you uniquely designed Deepaks and Candle Holders this Diwali.

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